Tribute to Garnet, The Stone of Love


As we enter one of the most cheerful and exciting times of the year, we look to celebrate a festive stone that throughout history has been worn to celebrate life, love, and protect those we love. This stone has adorned women for thousands of years: Garnet. Garnet, The Stone of Love is a deep red hue perfect for the holidays. The stone inspired one of my favorite fragrances for the season, with it’s deeply sensual and smoldering hue, Garnet transforms the wearer’s body heat in an enigmatic alchemy.

The Garnet fragrance is as deeply sensual as the smoldering red hue of the stone for which it was named. This tribute to the stone of love begins with a luscious and seductive watermelon top note. Garnet’s full, inviting middle note accord of gardenia and Moroccan red rose absolute languidly lies on a sumptuous bed for amber, vanilla and must that both radiates and beckons.

During this time we look to spend time with the ones we love, give them gifts and cherish every moment. Throughout history Garnet has been given to loved ones as a healing stone and to inspire commitment as a promise to love and devote oneself to the other. If you are looking for something special for a friend, family member or one that you love, Garnet is the perfect fragrance to give! Shop the entire collection here!

Picture 2Image: Circa 1900, Garnet and Seed Pearls Medallion, Sterling 10K, Overlay on Garnets on gold filled chain. –

“I have been designing with these gorgeous Victorian Garnet medallions for over a decade….always timeless, striking and a true bohemians delight!”

Victorian_Garnet_Tiara Image: Garnet and Bloomed Half Circlet Tiara c. 1850. British Museum.

“In all it’s royal beauty, Garnets truly speak to our inner goddess! I adore designing with this intense stone!”



Image: Victorian Garnet and 18k Yellow Gold Buckle Motif Brooch. Photo Courtesy of Lang Antiques

To celebrate this months stone Garnet,  Sage is offering a FREE Garnet sample vial in every order for the remainder of December. Enjoy your holidays and be well!

Enjoy and be well!


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