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Frangrance Guide

Guiding you to your perfect scent is the goal of The Sage Lifestyle. I choose to call myself a lifestyle brand because my intention is to enhance every part of you and your life. Specifically with scent creation, I try to help my customers understand what they like, who they are and what works with their own personal chemistry. The challenge is trying to figure out what you like. I have designed this post today to help navigate you through The Sage Lifestyle scent guide and help you find your perfect scent! My fragrance guide will help you find your fragrance soul mate!

Step 1: Figure out who you are and what you like?

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Think back to one of your favorite memories that was sparked by a familiar scent or think about a smell that reminds you of a positive memory. Since smell is tied to memories, connecting scents that evoke something in you will help you find the perfect scent. If you are dreaming of being on the beach this summer, head to step:2 which will guide you to the Marine collection which is designed to smell like a day on the beach.

Step 2: Learn our scent categories and see the differences in each! I have 19 scents in my fragrance collection, you will find that my guide is the perfect way to narrow down your selection and find your newest obsession!

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  • Floral: A blend of mixed bouquets,these fragrances capture the true essence of nature.
  • Fresh: These scents are crisp, refreshing and clean, like a meadows enchanting mist.
  • Subtle: Soft and gentle on the senses, these scents are delicate and delightful.
  • Earthy: Spicy in nature, these sensual fragrances have a warm and earthy undertone.
  • Fruity: Our fruity scents enlighten your senses with the perfect balance of delicious fruit and scentual delight.
  • Marine: Like a day at the beach…an oceans breeze in a bottle.

Step 3: Application – What are the differences between Sage’s roll-on collection and Sage’s Eau de Toilettes?

main-rollon  main-eau-de-toilette

Oils are what give any fragrance its scent. Traditional perfume is a mix of oil in a 75-90 percent alcohol solution. For example Eau de Parfum has only 15 to 22 percent oil. Eau de Toilette contains 8-15 percent oil. As you can see many perfumes on the market are made up of mostly alcohol and water. Sage roll-on perfumes are 100% oil. There is neither alcohol nor water in these blends to dilute their purity or integrity.

Alcohol base fragrances requires repeated applications throughout the day if one wants to remain scented. Sages roll-on oils will last much longer on the skin. Also, the purity of these oils affords them the ability to work with ones own body chemistry – enabling the scent to become much more individual.

My Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toliette collections are made with the same high quality essential oils as my roll on collection, however are blended with alcohol and water. If you prefer a more traditional approach to your fragrance you may choose one of my scents from either my Eau de Parfume or Eau de Toilette collections.

Either way, you will be smelling fabulous!

Step 4: Try a sample vial!the sage lifestyle sample vials

Each of my scents are available in a sample vial. I understand the challenge in finding the right scent and want you to be happy with your choice. Once you have picked out the perfect scent, the trial process is the most important. Since the top note (first scent you smell) fades during wear, it’s the middle note (heart note) that comes when the top note fades and is the main body of the perfume. The last part which is after an hour of wear is the base note. The base and middle notes together are the main theme of a perfume. The base notes bring depth and solidity to a perfume. See how the perfume works with your personal chemistry!

Step 5: Connect with our staff! If you are still struggling with what scent you want, connect with our team! We are here to help! You can contact with our team via phone at 877.698.SAGE or visit our website!

Enjoy and be well!


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