Loving the Little Ones

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This Valentine’s Day it’s all about delicate and one of-a-kind pieces for the little sweeties in your life! My Little Dreamers and Keepsake collections are inspired by my two beautiful daughters, Sophie Rose and Lila May who amaze me daily with their wonderful spirits! Together we play, create, imagine and explore. I invite you to fall in love with each individually designed necklace, designed with style for every little sweetheart in your life.

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Sterling Flower Encased in Resin and  Sterling Flower Heart Resin


Circa 1920, Czech Glass Floral and 14K, Pale Emerald and Diamond Flower on Pale Emeralds

“With a love of flowers most little girls share, these gorgeous hearts will remind her how much you love her and will be a keepsake she will forever cherish”

Being a mom, I understand that how I act, what I wear and how I treat others is always watched and absorbed my my two girls. Inspired by wanting them to live a healthy and natural lifestyle, I designed fragrances that would be safe for them to use as soon to be preteen young ladies.

My Pearl fragrance was inspired and designed for my daughter Sophie Rose and is a perfect starter fragrance for preteens. In addition to Pearl, the Diamond and Turquoise scents offer a subtle and natural scent for any young women. Receiving their first fragrance from a mother is special and by making it a natural perfume oil, The Sage Lifestyle fragrances will not be overpowering and instead become a subtle fragrance appropriate for a young lady! I have include a few of my favorite scents…

pearodiamond-roll-on-oil-2Picture 4

Enjoy and be well!


“My life is my work, there is no line between the two for me.”


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