Fall 2014 NEW Jewelry Collection by Sage – Fallen Moon – premieres exclusively at The Sage Lifestyle

My Fall 2014 NEW Jewelry Collection Fallen Moon is deeply inspired by the planets and displays a new vision that embraces the modern edge of the future. It uses inspirations of minerals and ores to connect the dark and mysterious aura of the Moon in a futuristic aesthetic. It also uses elements of contrasting metals and planetary deserts to create a tough, rough edge.

Jewelry Collection by Sage Fallen MooncolorpalletteThe color story is deep, dark, rich, mystic… An atmospheric palette is conveyed through cosmic fusions of midnight indigo, planet green and Mars red, combined with iconic retro futurist hues. Laser bright colours give a futuristic, spacey feel to this trend, shades of grey, brown and blue are prominent in the color story. Inspired by planets and the solar system, elements of light and bright clorors, along with hard rough textures and geometric shapes. It could be referred to as dark but also beautiful and mysterious.

Jewelry Collection by Sage Fallen Moon Jewelry Collection by Sage Fallen Moon

Statement materials: semi precious stones that reflect light in different ways, raw minerals and crystals in galactic colors that give the dramatic edge of this statement collection.

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Images: The Sage Lifestyle, Pinterest

Enjoy and be well!

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