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With travel plans set, presents wrapped and days off from work, it’s time to tis’ the season for holiday traveling. With suitcases full of presents and goodies for family and friends, I find it a challenge to bring everything I need for my time away. I have found my roll-ons and candles are the perfect size and familiar scent needed to make my travels feel like I am home for the holidays!

If you are anything like me, traveling means filling my own bag with travel essentials, as well as make sure my family has everything they need too! This means that I have no time to get stopped in security because of products I have over the fluid regulation. My roll-ons provide the perfect size that meets FDA code and because they are all natural they are non-flammable and screw tight for no leakage or melted waxes.

In today’s post, I have put together a few of my favorite Holiday Travel Essentials that I will be traveling with this season and hope you will enjoy them too.

Picture 8 Picture 7 Picture 6

My favorite travel candles from my collections are from my FAINT group. They travel wonderfully with the screw on cap, securing the wax and making for a mess free suitcase. I’m an earthy gal myself so I opt for the deeper fragrances…Onyx, Garnet and Topaz! It’s so lovely to make your hotel room feel just a little bit like home!”

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“I like to spice it up a bit in the spirit of travel and choose some scents from my BLENDS collection as my favs for the nomad in us all. My three favs from my BLENDS group are, Onyx and Peridot, Jade and Topaz, and Garnet and Amethyst. With anyone of these on your side you’re sure to be smelling divine!”

Picture 9

“My Luna earrings in rosegold from my Estate collection go with everything… They’re delicate enough to go with jeans and a T-shirt in the day and elegant enough to transfer into the evening with a great cocktail dress… The perfect travel essential.”

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Enjoy and be well!


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