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When creating and discovering my scents, I envision the emotion that the scent will evoke in the wearer. If it is deep passion, relaxation, calmness, it brings the wearer a feeling that is evoked by the scent.

When we think about emotions being evoked by our senses, many times we think touch, sight or sound. However, scent is the most powerful sense when stimulating the brain about a past memory, sexual attraction or affecting an overall mood. Aromas, fragrances and scents have been used for centuries to enhance the experience of seduction, healing, lovemaking and memory enhancements.

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As a women, I understood scent and how it applies to me and soon I had my customers also sharing their stories of how The Sage Lifestyle fragrances affect their love lives and personal moods. I soon had a following of not only women but men too. They spoke of a particular scent being intoxicating on the women who wore it. Mixing with the women’s female musk it evoked a passion that attracted our male client to the women who wore the scent.

In addition, many of my male clients choose to wear the same scent or similar one as their companion, most popular being our ONYX and AMBER fragrances, and stated that the mixing on his skin had a much different and equally as intense scent and that together the two complimented one another in a very unique and harmonious way.

Within The Sage Lifestyle fragrance collection, ONYX, Topaz, Amber and Garnet all can be worn as unisex fragrances. I hope today’s post will inspire you to envelope your mate in an equally enchanting scent experience that you may have discovered for yourself and let the unity begin!



The ONYX Roll-On Oil and Candle are wonderful to wear and to burn! A fragrance that is as darkly opulent as the stone for which it was named, onyx begins with a bewitching top note accord of black coconut, tobacco and oakmoss. Its rich and enveloping base note accord of vanilla, amber and sheer musk caresses the skin like sweet dew born of nocturnal, tropical air. A perfume of almost primeval intensity, Onyx evokes nature’s beauty in its darkest forms; a jungle’s depths, volcanic heat and velvety night skies.

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Topaz Roll-On Oil: In Sanskrit, the word topaz means “fire”. Inspired by those vibrant, sunset-hued jewels that were a favorite of Russia’s Czarinas, this deeply warm and spicy fragrance begins with an incendiary, inviting top note accord of mango, papaya and rosewood. These ignite a sumptuous, alluring fusion of five vanillas from around the world with white opium, amber, Arabian sandalwood, oakmoss and smoky musk. A truly celebratory fragrance, Topaz adorns the wearer much like its namesake stone once graced noble beauties with dazzling, regal splendor.


8 oz. Garnet Candle: A fragrance that is as deeply sensual as the smoldering red hue of the stone for which it was named, Garnet melds with and transforms the wearer’s body heat in an enigmatic alchemy. This tribute to the stone of love begins with a luscious and seductive watermelon top note. Garnet’s full, inviting middle note accord of gardenia and Moroccan red rose absolute languidly lies on a sumptuous bed for amber, vanilla and must that both radiates and beckons


Amber Roll-On Oil: A fragrance of singular power and depth. Amber is inspired by those golden, light-filled stones formed from the resin of ancient trees. Its succulent blood orange top note streams like the suns rays through notes of labdanum, Tunisian Amber and musk. Legend states that Amber was used by sorcerers and magicians to promote strength, healing and protection.

See what everyone is saying about these amazing fragrances…

Gorgeous and dark, I just adore this. It’s very intoxicating, it’s a little on the masculine side but if you’re a naughty lady you can pull it off. It’s a straight forward, simple smelling type perfume – a very nice combo. The coconut is not overwhelming, just a lovely dark scent! – Liz  – from Fairview

Unbelievably sexy…come hither and reel him in with a fishing pole sexy! I cannot believe how incredibly warm and inviting this fragrance is! It merries so lovely on your skin and lasts longer then 24 hours! I mean men were leaning in to smell me at the local bar and it was wonderful! I really could not detect coconut or vanilla, but regardless you’ll love it if you love rich scents! What a great oil! I am very impressed!  – Rose  – from NYC

This scent is very rich and exotic. My husband loves this scent. He goes crazy when I wear it! – Gen  -Student/Wife from N. LA

Enjoy and be well!logo

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