Gypsy Wanderer – Fall 2014 Trend Spotlight

gypsy wanderer - fall 2014 trend


  Hop aboard the gypsy wanderer caravan this fall!

  The image of the gypsy is associated with enchantment, mystery and allure. Nomads and gypsies are well-accustomed to having to travel from one place to another based on such needs as food or shelter, often travelling light with little to no baggage with them. The result is that they end up wearing multiple layers of clothing that will be able to suit them in a variety of different environmental circumstances. These layered looks, combined with a variety of eccentric jewelry pieces, creates a visually stunning overall appearance, one that is iconically associated with nomadic travellers and gypsies.

gypsy wanderer - fall 2014 trend

From urban nomad looks to bohemian-inspired frocks, designers are providing the fashion consumer with the chance to feel like a beautiful, free-spirited wanderer. Earthy tones, reds, purples and blues, browns and golds, far-off patterns swirl together in this fall 2014 Gypsy Wanderer trend that takes wanderlust to new levels of bohemian chic.

 The Sage Lifestyle has picked up a selection of our best pieces along the way – nomadic finds and bold bohemian accessories to add a touch of global charisma and unique flair to any urban nomads and ladies with wanderlust.

gypsy wanderer - fall 2014 trend

 Credit: Trendhunter

Enjoy and be well!

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