Get bewitched by this summer scent!

largeFeatured as one of the most beloved and cult-followed scents of Sage’s fragrance collection, Onyx is back this summer bringing the heat to those unexpected summer nights! The ONYX fragrance is as darkly opulent as the stone for which it was named. Onyx begins with a bewitching top note accord of black coconut, tobacco and oakmoss. It then moves to a base note accord of vanilla, amber and sheer musk. Onyx is the most sultry summer scent due to it’s dark and sensual nature. Inspired by the stone, the ONYX fragrance evokes a deep and sensual emotion!


Onyx is my absolute favorite scent for Summer because it is unexpectedly dark, intense and sexy. When we think of the beach we usually think light, airy and breezy but ONYX evokes a much more unique take on those long beach days that turn into beautiful sunsets and hopelessly romantic evenings…. those are memories we truly treasure.


The ONYX collection is available in: ONYX Roll-on-oil, FAINT ONYX Roll-on-Oil, ONYX AND PERIDOT blend roll-on, ONYX AND PERIDOT Eau de Toilette Roll-On, ONYX Eau de Toilette, 3 oz. ONYX Travel Candle, 4 oz. FAINT candle, and 8 oz. ONYX Candle.


 Onyx Roll-On Oil

Enjoy and be well!


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