Gemstone Healing Necklaces by Sage

Throughout my life and history of my brand, my focus on the beautiful, powerful and rawness of nature has created so much beauty in the work I do. Exploring the pureness of nature in my surroundings have given me true insight into creating products that make a difference in peoples lives. If you have been following my blog, you will have read about how gemstones have always played  a  huge part in the Sage Lifestyle brand. The fragrances I have created have been inspired by different gemstones in nature. According to Benjamin Dean, “Gemstones sing their incredible songs of structure, balance, wavelength and frequency and can bring us back into harmony. Gemstones are living creatures. They are active participants in nature. Nature is an exploration of possibility through patterns that work in balance, creating the living, behaving, and interactive world that we all live in—in and through.”

During my most recent exploration for my new collections for Spring, I had many requests from my fans and friends to offer them the gemstone healing jewels that I usually only do for my bespoke clients exclusively and turn this offering into a regular part of The Sage Lifestyle.  My new gemstone healing collection radiates pure patterns based on the stone and all the healing , wonderment and magic I have grown to know and love from these incredible gifts from nature, Gemstones. Offered as necklaces, rings or earrings, the wearer can keep the energy of the organic stone close to them all day as a personal totem and enjoy wearing a stone that empowers them daily. I hope that this collection helps you to find your way to serenity and offers you a bit of sparkling support in your quest to find balance in your life.  Shop the new collection today!

Gemstone Healing Necklaces


Gemstone Healing Rings


Gemstone Healing Layered Strands


Enjoy and be well!

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