Fall Fragrance for your Home

With crispness in the air, colors changing all around and the harvest Moon above, it’s time for fall, it’s time to tis’ the season and get inspired mind, body and home. Just as you change your wardrobe for fall, the scents that you put in your home should change as well! In today’s blog post, I have chosen some of my favorite fragrances for different rooms in your home. Not only will this help get you into the fall spirit but will keep your senses delighted!

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“This lovely old cabin in the woods pretty much encompasses Fall to me and all of its wonderful warm and colorful inspirations. A cozy retreat indeed!”

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For the kitchen, I always choose a scent that will not compete with the food. My choices are Carnelian, which smells like a fresh baked cake or Topaz, subtle , warm and the perfect vanilla.


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Image: Houzz

For the bathroom, I like to keep it fresh and clean. Sage is my number one choice, it is such an unusual green fragrance with just a hint of floral and it is utter perfection for a bathroom!


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For the bedroom, cozy yet romantic is the perfect choice. Garnet, a very warm and sensual fragrance, just perfect for snuggling up. For you floral lovers, I would choose Jade, it is rich, warm but has a beautiful floral essence!


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Image: Houzz

For the living room, warm, inviting and not too overpowering. Onyx, a must for everyone, a scent that will keep your guests wanting to know where you got that enchanting candle! My second choice, Amber. Simply delicious and an absolute must-have for FALL!


Enjoy and be well!


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