Fair Trade Felted Wool Artisan Kids Accessory Collection Showcased at The Sage Lifestyle

All of my beautiful artisanal kids items and felted wool products are handmade in Nepal and are Fair Trade. As recently as only 10 years ago, there wasn’t a felt industry in Nepal. Today it employs women from villages around the Kathmandu area to make beautiful hand made felt products for children including whimsical animal purses, unique artisan mobiles, gorgeous floral garlands, adorable coin purses, and one of a kind bird houses , finger puppets and art!

Fair Trade Felted Wool Artisan Kids Accessory Collection

What is Fair Trade?

When you purchase Fair Trade products, you are actively supporting artisans from around the world by giving them the opportunity to make a sustainable livelihood, to develop and grow their talents and skills and ultimately achieve a better way of life. Purchasing these products serves to help support these workers, who depend on such programs to improve their lives. Our Products are manufactured with the highest level of quality and in respect of environmental standards and corporate social responsibility standards. Buying Fair Trade products means you are helping improve the lives of disadvantaged farmers in the developing world. Fair Trade guarantees a stable minimum price to farmers and producers for their products but also an added premium on top of the purchase price which is used to invest in community development projects in the fields of education, health and environment.

Fair Trade Felted Wool Artisan Kids Accessory Collection

Unique design – My Felt Products are designed by Professional designers and then handcrafted by skilled workers in Nepal.
Environment friendly – My products are good for you and for the planet. All of our dyes are Azo-Free. A safe and responsible choice for our customers.

As a mother of two young beautiful daughters, I am proud to showcase these wonderful works of art in my boutique for many more children to enjoy!!!

Images: The Sage Lifestyle, Pinterest

Enjoy and be well!

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