Color Therapy for your Life

photo 2Color is all around us. Color can affect our emotions, our thoughts, ideas and how we respond to life. Most of us don’t understand the impact that color has on our daily lives. We see color everyday, all day. Many people believe that color has a powerful affect on our lives and special colored stones have specific powers. In the Hidu religion, Holi, the Festival of Colors, is held to celebrate (see image above) the coming of springtime and is observed on the last full moon of the lunar month. Participants traditionally throw bright, vibrant powders at friends and strangers alike as they celebrate the arrival of Spring. We are all moved by color whether we are aware of it or not. I have made this post to help you gain a new appreciation for the true meaning of color and hope that it may stimulate your deeper senses and enrich your life.

photo 1Most of us know that warm colors (reds and oranges) can stimulate and spur us into action while the cooler colors (blues and violets) serve to calm and relax us. Many times color is characterized as food for our minds, emotions and soul. It can increase your well-being, spirits and help bring clarity to your day.

Here are some meanings behind each color to guide you on your personal color therapy journey:

  • Red symbolizes: action, confidence, courage, vitality
  • Pink symbolizes: love, beauty
  • Brown symbolizes: earth, order, convention
  • Orange symbolizes: vitality with endurance
  • Gold symbolizes: Wealth, prosperity, wisdom
  • Yellow symbolizes: wisdom, joy, happiness, intellectual energy
  • Green symbolizes: life, nature, fertility, well being
  • Blue symbolizes: youth, spirituality, truth, peace
  • Purple symbolizes: Royalty, magic, mystery
  • Indigo symbolizes: intuition, meditation, deep contemplation
  • White symbolizes: Purity, Cleanliness
  • Black symbolizes: Earth, stability
  • Gray symbolizes: Security, maturity

-1As a designer, it always starts with color. Color is my main inspiration, always. Color is everywhere around me –  in my home, my wardrobe and in all of my collections. The influence of color in my life brings me sheer joy. I try to infuse color into people’s lives with my designs. It is my intention to push people outside of their “color ” comfort zone. I hope to encourage them to find the color within themselves that is just waiting to be seen. Often times, I will suggest very bold colors for my clients that they would usually never see themselves wearing, after I have chosen their hidden color their face is beaming and the color match is complete.

I design using my gemstones as my paints, my colors and I allow those colors to guide me into each creation. Much like a painter would. I love to use contrasting colors that truly complement one another unexpectedly.

“Subtle yet definitely colorful…this beauty in blue is one of my favorites!”Circa 1940, Austrian Crystal Medallion on Chinese Blue Topaz and Circa 1950, African Glass Beads

yhst-132866545439369_2272_13092415“Color pop perfect for this holiday season… You will be the gem of the party!” – Circa 1950, Austrian Crystal Medallion on Red Jade and Chysophrase on sterling silver chain.

yhst-132866545439369_2272_13432064I hope that this behind-the-scenes look of the true meaning of color impacts your mood, your life and will inspire you to visit The Sage Lifestyle and find your hidden color that is just waiting to be discovered. Remember – Take a moment every day to look around you and feel the colors, enjoy the colors. Live your life in full color.

Enjoy and be well!


“My life is my work, there is no line between the two for me.”

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