Coachella Jewelry Style at The Sage Lifestyle

What started as a boycott concert by Pearl Jam in 1993, the Coachella Music and Arts Festival has turned into one of the largest and transformative events happening annually. With some of the biggest names performing and the atmosphere of a desert oasis colliding with the Woodstock Music Festival, Coachella is not only inspiring our music tastes, it’s inspiring our entire summer style.


With its fringe tops, incredible stacking of  jewels, earth tone hats, vintage tops, cut off shorts and flowing dresses , Coachella style all exudes a relaxed care free attitude which embodies The Sage Lifestyle. Coachella has us pulling a a curated collection of essential baubles from our Gemstone Healing collection, which is ever so perfect for that festival style gal in us all! ”Gemstones sing their incredible songs of structure, balance, wavelength and frequency and can bring us back to harmony. Healing is often a matter of recovering our bodies inherent harmony by letting go of what we are holding onto. Mother Nature takes care of it all, if we can only learn to respect her and surrender to her wisdom.” – Benjamin Dean


Labradorite on HemetiteVaracite Cross on GoldstoneAgate Horn on Smokey Topaz and Cultured PearlsDruzy Quartz Cluster RingJasper Arrowhead on Blue Lapis and Emerald Square Full Finger Ring

Images via Free People and Pinterest

Enjoy and be well!

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“My life is my work, there is no line between the two for me.”


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