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Photographer: Eric Kelley on Bridal Musings

When you are truly, madly, deeply in love with the right person, planning your dream wedding should be just as easy, right? Luckily it can be. I have created a whimsical environment at The Sage Lifestyle for any bride-to-be that is looking for an impeccably unique style. I know how magical this time is for both the bride and groom and have designed products that offer gorgeously effortless style. Channel your inner bohemian goddess with perfect pieces for the bride, groom, and bridesmaids, or send them away as gifts with your friends and families!

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Pearl Roll-On-Oil

“It’s love stories that move us, inspire us and sweep us away.” One of the most endearing times I spent was with a couple in my store. I was requested to help them find a scent that would represent the first year of their engagement. They had a deep understanding of scent and the emotions it evokes. They wanted a scent that would always remind them of this joyous first year of celebrating their love. Once they got married the bride-to-be would stop wearing the scent but keep it only for special occasions.  After spending sometime with them, I suggested the Pearl Roll-On-Oil. The innocence and spiritual purity of the pearl offered the couple a scent that would begin their new journey on a solid and pure foundation.


Fall in love with these uniquely designed engagement rings. Simple, elegant, and forever treasured, both the Princess (right) and Empress (left) pieces are sure to become a family heirloom.

Duchess Lever Earrings is your something blue!

Your something blue should be a token of your love and for you to pass down to your family!  – Sage’s Duchess Lever Earrings (Blue Sapphire)

The perfect bridesmaids gift!

The perfect baubles for your bridesmaids can be customized to match their dresses! Let Sage customize your bridesmaid’s jewelry to the exact color or have a custom piece made as a perfect bridesmaid gift!


Personalize original Sage Lifestyle candles to send away with friends and families as a perfect wedding favor! Available exclusively at The Sage Lifestyle.

Enjoy and be well!


“My life is my work, there is no line between the two for me.”

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