Captivated by Indigo

Color is my daily inspiration, my obsession and my main influence as a designer. I am currently swooning over the blue hue! Indigo, Azure, Cobalt and Lapis have all been influential colors in my work, life and style. I have been captivated by this color of the moment and I see it as the pulsing trend to watch this season! The wide spectrum of the blue hue has embodied fashion and design everywhere.


Enamel Owl Turquoise and Fuchsia Jade dropsCirca 1960 Austrian Crystal Medallion on Raw RubiesCirca 1900 Real Butterfly Wing encased in Sterling Silver and Glass Frame on Smoky Topaz Discs18K Emeralds Ruby and Diamond Medallion on Black Abalone Teal Tourmaline and Cranberry tourmalineCrown Ring in 14K Rose Gold and Blue SapphireBlue Agate with PyriteFaceted Blue Topaz disc with Fresh Water PearlsEnamel Cross Lapis and Fresh Water Pearl drops.

On the visible spectrum, blue is the color of light between violet and green and ranges in light to dark mediums. The hues of blue include Indigo, Lapis lazuli, Azure, Cerulean blue, Cobalt, Cyan.

The color blue has historically been an influential color for many years! Throughout history, blue has been associated with sky, divinity and royalty. In Egypt, blue was associate with protection from evil and misfortune. This color association has been consistently paired with the word trust and loyalty. Still today, blue is symbolized as a trustworthy color and many say that it is trending again because it has become an attractive hue due to economic and social unrest.

I have put together today’s post to share with you my obsession with this color, what I am currently designing and what I am coveting as must-haves for the season!

Picture 3

“Can’t have enough fringe….love the plum contrast to all the blues!”

Image: Forget Me Not: Flower Print Triangle Scarf –


“Love Chanel… a gorgeous blue butterfly!”

“Lashes flutter in electric shades of mascara and eyelids are adorned with gleaming colours,” says Chanel  –

Picture 4

“Simple, clean and just the perfect shade, gorgeous!”

  Moreau – Bregançon Zip Tote in Moreau Blue –

Enjoy and be well!


“My life is my work, there is no line between the two for me.”



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