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For many new mothers, the first days, weeks and months of your precious new babies life are all nestled up in your arms and neck. The sweet smell of a new born baby is intoxicating to anyone who has been around them. The sweet and tenderness of a baby at the beginning stages of life is an important time to keep them as healthy as possible. What many don’t realize is the harsh chemicals that are in the perfumes that many new moms love so much. Sprayed on your neck and arms can be directly transferred to your little one and can hurt their skin and lungs as they breath it in. As a perfume designer and mom, I felt it was extremely important to create natural perfume oils  that will be a healthy solution to the hard chemicals that are in many traditional perfumes.


Inspired by my daughter, Sophie Rose Annabelle Lee, I designed the Pearl fragrance. Pearl was the natural gemstone that I chose to represent one of the most precious moments in my life – the birth of my first daughter, Sophie Rose Annabelle Lee. The Pearl has been a symbol of unblemished perfection since ancient times and continues to represent purity and innocence. Reflective of the journey of motherhood and creation of new life, I was able to experience and imagine the beauty of the scent before it’s creation, similar to the process of pregnancy. At 8 months into my pregnancy I was able to envision what Pearl symbolized to me and began the journey of creating a fragrance that would embody the sweet smell of a baby and encompass all of the purity and delight of new life!

Here are a few of the best baby safe perfumes options to wear during and after pregnancy. Try our Pearl Roll-On, Diamond Roll-On or Topaz Roll-On.


Enjoy and be well!

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