Bespoke Hand Painted Accessories

With a true passion for artists and the bohemian lifestyle, I work to create designs that not only influence my customers but also gives them a taste of true art. Growing up with a mother who was an artist, I learned a few important things from her that has made The Sage Lifestyle what it is today; never lose site of your imagination and creativity, collaborate with talented individuals and have a profitable business model! I am lucky to say that I have been able to implement all of those tips from her.

In addition to my fragrances and jewelry, my Bepoke projects , commissioned work for clients, has given me the opportunity to collaborate with artists on projects that have enhanced and inspired my clients lives. My clients, as mention in the most recent LA Times article, are “fashionistas, socialites, [people] of that nature” who gravitate to my hippie-influenced spiritual world of color, texture and well-crafted good vibes.

Bespoke Hand Painted Accessories

photo 4

“The Prada bag is one of my bespoke design services. It was a commissioned art piece which captures the clients inner goddess and creates a timeless masterpiece!”

Hand Painted leather jacket

“From the bespoke projects, which are always an adventure and truly one-of-a-kind, I have a commissioned Tiger art collaboration with Lotus in the third eye, applied to Anine Bing leather jacket, custom studded! The Tigress is here!”

photo 3

” I just adore this piece, I wanted to give a more simplistic, striking , modern feel with the heavy contrast of pinks on the crisp white background. We chose this fab biker jacket by Anine Bing as a base for the project. The end result is stunning” .

photo 2

“The tiger I needed to create for this piece had to be pure, feminine, and represent freedom and protection and would act as the clients chariot guiding her . I was beyond pleased with this masterpiece and it is one of my favorites! The PRADA bag was the perfect starting point in its clean and simplistic form.”

My most recent Bespoke projects have consisted of commissioned artwork, mourning jewelry, redesigning a bedroom and turning designer accessories, such as Prada bags and wallets, Jimmy Choo shoes, Repetto ballet flats, and Anine Bing leather jackets into wearable art. The most talked about gift this holiday season was the hand painted Hermes Birkin bag Kayne bestowed upon his fiance Kim Kardashian. I have an understanding and love of personalized, hand crafted gifts, and I have been creating these one of-a-kind works of art for my clients for years.

I have included a few of the Bespoke commissioned wearable art pieces that I have done for my clients as well as a passionate and vulnerable testimonial.

“I recently found myself feeling unbalanced, restless and generally just sort of out of tune with my surroundings, unhappy with the decor in my home and needed to be inspired. I have always liked the idea of healing gem stones and spiritual imagery but couldn’t figure out how to find inspiring items that were original and not “off the shelf”. I turned to Sage. Sage helped me in the past locate unique, well crafted and high quality vintage items, so, when Sage told me that she was going to endeavor into a new direction which would encompass what I consider spiritual items in her works, her creations and art, I was elated. Sage arranged for me a reading which identified images, healing gem stones and concepts which I was encouraged to include in my life. Sage then proceeded to design a number of one of-a-kind original beautiful personal works varying in size, scope, price, etc.
Once I made a decision Sage delivered on time, in perfect order each of the items, they were done meticulously and exquisitely. I’m so happy with Sage’s opinions, advice and work. I am now able to incorporate in my daily life jewelry, art, accessories that have meaning, that give me a sense of warmth, and spiritually.”

Each piece is a one of-a-kind design inspired and created based on the clients style and personality and each one captures the clients essence and reflects their personality, creating a truly one of a kind accessory.



Enjoy and be well!


“My life is my work, there is no line between the two for me.”



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