Behind Closed Doors with Sage Machado

Today, I will take you behind closed doors and offer a welcome visit into a day in the  life with me. With a new fragrance and jewelry collection coming soon this fall, I have been working hard to get my new inspirations and bespoken custom projects complete for all of you, my friends and fans. Today’s post is a snapshot of my creative home and mind, are you ready?

photo 4

“My home and studio consist of a 20 year collection of art and antiques from all my adventures in my life and work. Living amongst all of these treasures feeds my creative spirit and keeps my eyes open to an endless array of inspiration.” 
“Above, is a French, Circa 1900 love seat which resides in my library, accompanied by my favorite table in the home, a Circa 1930 Moroccan mosaic tile top with hand-painted base. An absolute ritual for me, flowers, picked from my garden in every room, all arranged in my extensive collection of gorgeous vintage vases! Flowers bring life and bursting color to every room.”

photo 1

“My collection of vintage Indian art keeps me in tune with the importance if color in all I create. This piece, circa 1940 is special as it has actual bits of fabric installed in the art , making it even more one of a kind!”

photo 3

“Here, I’m working on a special custom bed set, part of my bespoke design services, using a collection of vintage textiles to create a modern day bed set… textiles are an integral part of my designs and forever inspire me.”

photo 2

 “One of my favorite pieces of art, french, nude painting, circa 1970…well, the colors, need I say more?”

photo 5

“I have designed all the pillows and upholstery in my home and studio. Here, I used one of my most cherished textiles, circa 1900, Turkish to cover the seat of this extraordinary Circa 1920 French club chair.”

photo 1

“For my design table, I am all about my current color obsessions. Amber tones paired with Rubies, Citrines, Carnelians, and Tiger Eyes….delicious!”photo 2

For my bespoke Jewls, this is a project I’m working on pairing color therapy and gemstone healing together to create unique pieces that are truly one of a kind!  My BESPOKE design services keeps me on my toes and always challenged…which I adore! ”photo 3

Well, just utterly gorgeous….this is how you will find my design table most days, full of colors, stones, and a muriad of incredible delights! How can I not be inspired with this beauty all around me? AN ULTIMATE TREASURE TROVE.”

photo 4

“Just a peek into my textile collection…there are many more trunks to add to this 20 year collection of masterful textile treasures. I use these, when I’m willing to part with them for various bespoke projects I’m working on and for constant inspiration in all of my designs.”

Enjoy and be well!


“My life is my work, there is no line between the two for me.”

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