Behind Closed Doors with designer Sage Machado: Holiday Edition

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To get my creative mind flowing, I always start with a day trip to a local fav spot, Huntington Gardens! It is one of my most treasured spots!!! Inspiration is everywhere and I’m ready to begin my creative process! Let the fun begin!”
Today, I, designer Sage Machado will take you behind closed doors as I start preparing my home and studio for the holidays! As we tis’ the season and get our holiday lists together, it can be an overwhelming task to get the right gift, for the ones you love. When creating both my fragrances and jewelry, I think about this challenge that many have. That is why I focus on the presentation, as well as the fragrance or one of-a-kind jewelry I create. Each product I create has alot of thought and care that goes into it. This means when you give a gift from Sage, you are giving a meaningful and unique gift. Need help with picking the perfect gift? Visit our fragrance gift guide and find the perfect fragrance for the special person in your life!
In today’s post, I take you behind the scenes of my studio, home and bespoke projects, are you ready?
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“Flowers for this week! How can I not be beaming with ideas with these stunning colors!!!
photo 3
“My favorite French vintage art poster! It resides in my living room and brightens the room with all its glorious colors! LOVE it!”
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“The Prada bag is one of my bespoke design services. It was a commissioned art piece which captures the clients inner goddess and creates a timeless masterpiece!”
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“In my entry, I keep some of my most coveted items. The vintage Tibetan and Turquoise urns are very rare and are true works of art! The vintage gilt Italian candle stick glows and the vintage African head dress is a masterpiece! It’s a artful welcome that makes me smile every time I come home!”
photo 2
“From the bespoke projects, which are always an adventure and truly one-of-a-kind, I have a commissioned Tiger art collaboration with Lotus in the third eye, applied to leather jacket, custom studded! The Tigress is here!”
photo 1
“On the design table: hard at work, my new design assistant, Rosie Blue, keeping a close eye on all that leaves the studio!”
“Artist most inspired by this month – Peter Beard, truly a life’s work and stunning! Obsessed!”
photo 1(1)
“For holiday, I am working on major statement pieces.  No layering needed here, bold, bright and fabulous, these one-of-a-kind necklaces make great conversation starters and are sure to dazzle all! Today’s theme: feathers and more feathers…”
photo 2(1)
“For all the little fashionistas in your life, here is a peek into all of the new children’s Jewls I have been working on… delicate, unique, and charming, just like all the little girls and their wonderful spirits!!!”

Enjoy and be well!


“My life is my work, there is no line between the two for me.”

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