A Lovers Guide: Garnet Fragrance


Falling in love is easy but finding love is the hardest part. This season, the Garnet fragrance has had me falling in love all over again. With it’s deeply sensual and smoldering hue, Garnet can inspire you to feel sexy and desired!

Throughout history, Garnet has been worn to celebrate life, love, and protect those we love. This stone has adorned women for thousands of years and continues to be the stone of love. The Garnet stone is a deep red hue perfect for Valentine’s day and giving and sharing it with the one you love. The stone inspired one of my favorite fragrances for the season, with it’s deeply sensual and smoldering hue, Garnet transforms the wearer’s body heat in an enigmatic alchemy.

To help you find and fall in love this season, I have put together a few Garnet inspired products that you are sure to love this Valentine’s Day. From my lover’s fragrance, Garnet, to some seductive lingerie, you are sure to be feeling empowered and loved by these products!

sbs-garnetIn all it’s royal beauty, Garnets truly speak to our inner goddess! I adore designing with this intense stone!”

3“I love a super luxe and decadent floral bouquet. Unexpected and unique with all the rich red , burgundy and pink hues of Valentine’s Day!”

cake-2“Pomegranate and Chocolate…what more could you ask for?”

Picture 4Picture 6

Shop the entire collection here!  Want to learn more about this sacred stone: Tribute to Garnet, The Stone of Love.

Image Credits: 1. Pinterest 2. and 3. photos: ashley garmon via camillestyles.com 4. The Sage Lifestyle 5. CLO intimo set on Journelle.com

Enjoy and be well!


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