Day: September 8, 2014

Sage's Blog

Peridot Revival, the new fig perfume oil by Sage Machado

   After 15 years since its premiere launch, artist Sage Machado has chosen one of her favorite scents, Peridot scent by Sage, and given it a revival. With a new gorgeous print and a fresh updated scent, Peridot is sure to be coveted by perfumistas worldwide. Indulge yourself with this delicious Fig fig perfume oil […]

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Gypsy Wanderer – Fall 2014 Trend Spotlight

    Hop aboard the gypsy wanderer caravan this fall!   The image of the gypsy is associated with enchantment, mystery and allure. Nomads and gypsies are well-accustomed to having to travel from one place to another based on such needs as food or shelter, often travelling light with little to no baggage with them. […]

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