2014 Scent Journey

It’s 2014! Start the year off right with a few small and achievable changes to reinvent your lifestyle. The New Year brings a new you which can mean a new signature scent for you and your home, to start the year off right! We know how intimate it is to have a fragrance that you are loyal to but a new scent can bring about even more change in your life!
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If you are looking to set yourself apart with a scent unique to you, our Sage Lifestyle roll-on fragrances are sure to be exactly what you are looking for! I have included a few of my favorite roll-on scents to inspire you this New Year to find your perfect Sage Lifestyle signature scent. For the new year, I like trying something a little different, I always go for the musks, darker, deeper scents. This year,  I choose a a lighter palette to inspire my senses.
sagropearomooro  onyro
SAGE to freshen my mind and stimulate new ideas. PEARL for a subtle, yet intoxicating scent, and MOONSTONE to sweeten things up a bit…I must confess, I may feel the need to layer some ONYX into all of these to deepen them up when I’m missing my darker side. ONYX smells good with everything!
Looking to freshen up your home with a new scent, or maybe a few? Our Sage Lifestyle candles offer a range of scents perfect for any room in your home. Cozy up this season with a few of my favorite candle fragrances:

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For the living room, ONYX, completely a must. Inviting and unforgettable, your guests will remember your signature scent!

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For the bedroom , MOONSTONE or SAGE to brighten the bedroom , both offer warm florals to help you unwind and relax.

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For the bathroom, TOPAZ or AMBER for a warmer bathroom in the winter months, cozy and enveloping!
As said by the  late Christian Dior once said, “A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.” Find your perfect scent today!
I invite you to choose your new signature scent and reinvent yourself at The Sage Lifestyle today!  To encourage you I am offering you a gift of 10% off any fragrance and candle purchase for 48 hours. Use promo code NEWYOU10  at check out.

Enjoy and be well!


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