Newtown, CT – Will always be remembered

Sitting in the airport today reading article after article about this horrific event that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School. I am deeply saddened and humbled at how fragile life is. My heart goes out to the many families and loved ones that are going to be deeply scarred by this gutless act of violence that was carried out by a sad individual. Much like many people I have very conflicting thoughts but the one that keeps coming to mind is that how in this day in age that people have lost all respect for human life. Our society has become one of letting people get away with cowardly actions regardless of the size or consequences and then we act surprised when a punk loses his mind and acts out in this manner. Our society has developed a culture that no longer can deal with its own actions and failures, and looks for the easy way out. We need to get back to holding people responsible at a young age for their actions and that acting out against someone in violent manner is not acceptable in this country.

My heart breaks for the families and can only imagine no words or time will really ever heal them from this horrible day. We as a society owe it to those that were sacrificed meaninglessly, not only during this event but going back to the events in the past such as Columbine High, Virginia Tech, the Oregon Mall shooting, etc, to demand more of our fellow neighbor and ourselves that our children can go to school without being in fear of their lives!!!! May God bless everyone of them and give them a special place in Heaven away from this crazy world we have created.

God Bless the USA!!!