Indulge in Sage Oil

Sage oil! "Just luverly! Breezy green, herby sage and fresh cucumber to start with and after a while a lovely sweetness comes through with the Sweet Pea. It smells like freshly cut slightly sweetened flower stems. Later the musk and tonka bean round it out in a most yummy way. It seems to combine really well with Amethyst too, I haven’t actually mixed them, but I wear Amethyst on one hand and Sage on the other and the scent which wafts up to my … [Read more...]

Perfume Diary with Sage Machado

An interview by Andrea at Vegan Presence I had the opportunity to interview the lovely Sage Machado: artist, jewelry designer, perfumer and entrepreneur and the creator of her eponymous perfume line.  I was excited to learn about her creative process. Q: You are a triple threat plus: artist/jewelry designer, perfumer, clothing designer and of course entrepreneur. What is your background, training and how did you get into this line of … [Read more...]