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Sage oil! “Just luverly! Breezy green, herby sage and fresh cucumber to start with and after a while a lovely sweetness comes through with the Sweet Pea. It smells like freshly cut slightly sweetened flower stems. Later the musk and tonka bean round it out in a most yummy way. It seems to combine really well with Amethyst too, I haven’t actually mixed them, but I wear Amethyst on one hand and Sage on the other and the scent which wafts up to my nose is really blooming beautiful!” review by BerryDelicious

“I love this scent. I can’t help but think of fresh cut flowers when I wear this fragrance. Sage is a beautiful floral scent that is delicate and very feminine. The combo of white sage, cucumber and sweet pea is delightful.” – review by jcho
“One of my favorite Sage oils. Very light and green. I find this scent gives me a ‘lift’ in the colder months and is perfect for the warmer months. As with all Sage oils this scent lasts and a little goes a long way.” review by Rachey

“I’m amazed at this one. I am not usually one for fresh or clean fragrances…I tend to prefer warm, vanilla and white musk perfumes, but this scent is beautiful! It is exactly the greenish fragrace I’ve been looking for. It’s green and floral; it warms and develops nicely on the skin and smells lovely and stays greener smelling on my clothing. I can’t wait to get to one of Sage Machado’s shops so I can sample all of her perfumes. This is the second one I’ve tried. Pearl has already become a HG scent for me, and this one is on its way. “- a review by Amberbella
“This is an indescribable fragrance, which is probably why it’s hard to get a handle on it from the reviews. It’s green, but not sharply green like Gap Grass or Aliage. It’s musky, but the musk, along with the tonka, lends a softness to the fragrance,and it’s just lovely. It’s not marine at all, but yes, it does bring to mind a sunny summer day in Nantucket (not at the beach, but just strolling around the outskirts of the beach. This is a new one for me, and one that I will wear and continue to repurchase. For the record, I detest the cucumber notes in Bath and Body Works scents, so if you are put off by the idea of cucumber, don’t be. I can’t imagine that many people would dislike this fragrance. I love it.” – a review by Rozenbloom

Sagelifestyle-sage-oilSage oil: A fragrance effusive with the invigorating scent of the herb that shares its name is an electrifying celebration of the rambling, fertile splendor of the earth’s forests and secret gardens. Crisp, aromatic top notes of cucumber and white sage from New Mexico introduce a single middle note of wild sweet pea. These rest on a base note accord of lush green musk from Kenya and sheer Egyptian musk that is accented with sweet, earthy Tonka bean. A perfume that is as open and rejuvenating as the outdoors, Sage epitomizes the undeniably natural beauty of Sage Machado’s jewelry line.

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“My life is my work, there is no line between the two for me.”

Perfume Diary with Sage Machado

An interview by Andrea at Vegan Presence

I had the opportunity to interview the lovely Sage Machado: artist, jewelry designer, perfumer and entrepreneur and the creator of her eponymous perfume line.  I was excited to learn about her creative process.


Q: You are a triple threat plus: artist/jewelry designer, perfumer,
clothing designer and of course entrepreneur. What is your background, training and how did you get into this line of work?

Sage Machado: I grew up in a creative family. My mother is an artist and she taught me at a very young age the beauty of making something with your hands – whether it be a painting, a one-of- a kind piece of jewelry or a beautiful scent.

Q: Do you follow the same creative process when it comes to creating perfumes as designing jewelry?
Sage Machado: They are a bit different. With fragrance, I am always inspired by a gemstone. I will start the process by researching where it is found, it’s properties, etc so that I can capture its essence and evoke the color and feeling associated with the stone. When I design jewelry it’s like a painter with her canvas. There’s no pre thought or planning…I just go!
Q: I love how the perfumes are named after gemstones; did your work as a jewelry designer inspire you to come up with the perfumes?

Sage Machado: Yes, absolutely.

Q: Your perfume scents are gorgeous and I particularly love the single perfume oils that can be blended together or worn separately. Was that done intentionally to have your customers express themselves creatively?
Sage Machado: Yes, people who are comfortable and fluid with scent love to layer with the different oils. For those that want guidance, I created blends that work well together.

Q: What is your favorite perfume or blend you created and why?
Sage Machado:  That’s an impossible question to answer – I love each and every one! I would say Pearl is my most sentimental fragrance, as it was created for my daughter when I was 8 months pregnant with her. And personally, I gravitate to the earthier musks…a deep rich scent works well with my body’s chemistry.

Q: Is it your preference to select perfumes to wear based on the season, what you’re wearing or your mood?
Sage Machado: All of the above!

Q: You have traveled the world, what are your favorite places to travel and why?
Sage Machado: I find France and Italy the most inspiring in terms of both countries’ antiquity as well as range of scenery.

Q: What environmental causes are you passionate about?

Sage Machado: Animal welfare is my #1 passion.

Q: Any advice for aspiring artists or anyone wanting to start their own business

Sage Machado: Be prepared to work hard, own your passion and never stop loving what you do. And when you’re feeling less than love and gratitude for your business, remind yourself why you started.

So there you have it. I encourage you to experience Sage Machado perfumes to find out why I am head over heels in love with them!

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My favorite scents from the earthy, musky group.


Enjoy and be well!

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“My life is my work, there is no line between the two for me.”