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Native American Turquoise Jewelry – a Turquoise Love Affair

My fascination with the Native American culture came long ago... memories of my childhood of my mothers arm full of silver bangles mixed with Native American Turquoise cuffs had always made me feel a longing to learn more about the history of their traditional jewelry and it's meanings once I became a jewelry designer.  About 18 years ago I began traveling to the Native American shows to meet the true tribesmen and artists behind the … [Read more...]

Perfume Diary with Sage Machado

An interview by Andrea at Vegan Presence I had the opportunity to interview the lovely Sage Machado: artist, jewelry designer, perfumer and entrepreneur and the creator of her eponymous perfume line.  I was excited to learn about her creative process. Q: You are a triple threat plus: artist/jewelry designer, perfumer, clothing designer and of course entrepreneur. What is your background, training and how did you get into this line of … [Read more...]

A Day in My Life with Sage Machado

In today's post I am sharing one of my favorite press articles from The Spnd which features a day in life with me, Sage. I love their take which includes a budget to each item throughout the day! I hope you enjoy this glimpse into an average day with me at work and home.   Ever wonder what it’s like to actually love everything about your job? Meet Sage Machado. She’s an artist, jeweler, and perfumer that runs a seriously … [Read more...]