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Spring Fever: Spring 2014 Trends at The Sage Lifestyle

As we celebrate the first official days of spring, here at The Sage Lifestyle we have been having spring fever for months! I have been working hard to create an amazing gemstone healing collection featuring pieces that are perfect for spring. In today's post, I wanted to share my inspiration and how to pair some of my favorite baubles with some of the hottest spring spring 2014 trends from the runway and to the streets. Spring is … [Read more...]

Gemstone Healing Necklaces by Sage

Throughout my life and history of my brand, my focus on the beautiful, powerful and rawness of nature has created so much beauty in the work I do. Exploring the pureness of nature in my surroundings have given me true insight into creating products that make a difference in peoples lives. If you have been following my blog, you will have read about how gemstones have always played  a  huge part in the Sage Lifestyle brand. The fragrances I have … [Read more...]

Best Baby Safe Perfumes by Sage

Image on InspireMeBaby by  Jen CYK Photography For many new mothers, the first days, weeks and months of your precious new babies life are all nestled up in your arms and neck. The sweet smell of a new born baby is intoxicating to anyone who has been around them. The sweet and tenderness of a baby at the beginning stages of life is an important time to keep them as healthy as possible. What many don’t realize is the harsh chemicals that are in … [Read more...]