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Natural Perfumes

In today’s post, I want to cover one of the most important elements of my fragrance collection – every Sage Lifestyle fragrance is all natural. It’s important that when I am creating a fragrance, that I keep true to the natural stone I am basing my fragrance on. This means that I am not only capturing the essence of the stone but I am working to evoke the color and natural meaning behind it.

In addition to the rich natural inspirations of each fragrance, all oils are 100% natural and have no additives or filler oils. Oils are what give any fragrance its scent. Traditional perfume is a mix of oil in a 75-90 percent alcohol solution. For example Eau de Parfum has only 15 to 22 percent oil. Eau de Toilette contains 8-15 percent oil. As you can see many perfumes on the market are made up of mostly alcohol and water. Sage roll-on perfumes are 100% essential and fragrance oils. There is neither alcohol nor water in these blends to dilute their purity or integrity.

Alcohol base fragrances requires repeated applications throughout the day if one wants to remain scented. Sages roll-on oils will last much longer on the skin. Also, the purity of these oils affords them the ability to work with ones own body chemistry – enabling the scent to become much more individual.

I want you to enjoy each fragrance in your natural settings. Embrace your surrounding to help you search for your perfect fragrance. Not sure where to start? I have put together a few options for you!

Tales from a Yoga mat

Love Yoga, love sweating, hate smelling during and after? If you are like me, you want a fragrance that is soft and not overpowering during a work out. I have found that both my Diamond fragrance and my Pearl fragrance have been perfect solutions as they  have the natural essence of our own skin, yet slightly enriched, keeping you smelling naturally divine.



Ready to head out of town to soak up some sun at the beach? Keep the beachy scent alive with our Turquoise or ONYX fragrances. Turquoise evokes the ocean, sand and sun during the day and ONYX, with it’s luscious green coconut notes is sure to bring warmth to your sultry beach nights.

Picture 4onyro


Thinking about a Mountain Getaway to a nice cabin set in the rolling hills? Try Sage to bring out the natural crisp green essence which envelops you  or Topaz for a more subtle, yet earthy fragrance


Image: Tales From A Yoga MatPhotographed and styled by ©Kara Rosenlund,

Enjoy and be well!

Picture 6

“My life is my work, there is no line between the two for me.”

Sneak Peek: Lifestyle Shop – Artisan Home and Accessories

Today’s post takes you, my friends and fans behind the scenes and gives you a sneak peek of what is to come this Spring! For those of you who used to shop at my lifestyle loft on Beverly Boulevard, this is a treat for you. I am bringing back my abundance of unique treasures that filled my store, and offering them online in an exclusive lifestyle section. I am thrilled to be expanding my brand and incorporating new and exciting offerings. Below I have included a few of my coveted pieces that will be launching on the site. From home decor to must-have artisan accessories, you are sure to find yourself lost in the array of whimsical treasures coming soon to The Sage Lifestyle!


Incredible handmade textile lifestyle items, seen here is a wonderful graphic iPad pouch.


Reversible soft woven baskets to hold all of your essentials in throughout your home.


The perfect tote for your local farmers market goodies.


That perfect touch of color for your table with perfectly paired bamboo salad bowl servers.

Check back this Spring for all the lifestyle products available to buy!

Enjoy and be well!

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“My life is my work, there is no line between the two for me.”

Looking Forward

After a successful 20 years in business and a very exciting and inspiring  2013, I am looking forward to more new and exciting journeys for The Sage Lifestyle this year. Being that it is Valentine’s Day, the day of love, I am excited to share with you all what has been going on at The Sage Lifestyle and what will be launching in the coming months. You, my fans and friends are the reason that I continue to challenge myself and continually enhance and recreate my brand. You inspire me daily to create beautiful things and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Picture 6My first project this year was to reinvent my logo. 20 years ago my mother, Betty Lee Machado, who is an incredible multimedia artist for over 40 years , designed the original Sage logo and now years later and all grown up, I asked my mother to assist me in the new and very exciting task of the re-design of the Sage Lifestyle logo. The new Sage Lifestyle logo embodies the brand today and who I am and all the wonderful journeys I have been on with you in the past 20 years. I hope you will enjoy the new image and brand mark and that you will grow to love it just as much as the original logo.

My second goal was to change the look and feel on The Sage Lifestyle website. If you have been on the site recently, you will notice exciting visual changes which I hope will make your shopping experience easier and more fulfilling . More newness will be coming this Spring which will include many new exciting collections to come!

My third exciting undertaking will be the  launch of the new lifestyle section on The Sage Lifestyle. This will offer a variety of lifestyle items from baby to home and much much more ! Those of you who shopped in my lifestyle loft on Beverly will remember the abundance of treasures that I always kept… This new lifestyle section will be the same kind of wonderful treasures you always knew you could find at the Sage lifestyle. I am excited to expand my offerings and can’t wait to share in all this wonderful newness with you. Make sure and sign up on my mailing list so you will be the first to know when the new lifestyle section launches… Coming soon this spring!

Visit us today on The Sage Lifestyle and enjoy a gift of 20% off any purchase good thru Saturday, February 15 at midnight. Use promo code Valentines20 at check out to receive your gift. *Offer cannot be applied to sale items.

Enjoy and be well!

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“My life is my work, there is no line between the two for me.”

Loving the Little Ones

photo 1

This Valentine’s Day it’s all about delicate and one of-a-kind pieces for the little sweeties in your life! My Little Dreamers and Keepsake collections are inspired by my two beautiful daughters, Sophie Rose and Lila May who amaze me daily with their wonderful spirits! Together we play, create, imagine and explore. I invite you to fall in love with each individually designed necklace, designed with style for every little sweetheart in your life.

Picture 5Picture 6

Sterling Flower Encased in Resin and  Sterling Flower Heart Resin


Circa 1920, Czech Glass Floral and 14K, Pale Emerald and Diamond Flower on Pale Emeralds

“With a love of flowers most little girls share, these gorgeous hearts will remind her how much you love her and will be a keepsake she will forever cherish”

Being a mom, I understand that how I act, what I wear and how I treat others is always watched and absorbed my my two girls. Inspired by wanting them to live a healthy and natural lifestyle, I designed fragrances that would be safe for them to use as soon to be preteen young ladies.

My Pearl fragrance was inspired and designed for my daughter Sophie Rose and is a perfect starter fragrance for preteens. In addition to Pearl, the Diamond and Turquoise scents offer a subtle and natural scent for any young women. Receiving their first fragrance from a mother is special and by making it a natural perfume oil, The Sage Lifestyle fragrances will not be overpowering and instead become a subtle fragrance appropriate for a young lady! I have include a few of my favorite scents…

pearodiamond-roll-on-oil-2Picture 4

Enjoy and be well!


“My life is my work, there is no line between the two for me.”