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Blushing Valentine

Blushing valentine hues echo the natural blush of romance this Valentine’s. With natural ingredients and soft blossoming fragrances, The Sage Lifestyle designs offer pieces to surprise and delight your loved one this year!


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Estate Eternity Ring Rose Gold  

“My rose gold eternity ring is just the right touch of blush and a simple, yet elegant statement.”

Shades of blush, whether peach-hued or pink, are the newest trend of the season in ready-to-wear and for many brides. Many struggle with harsh whites that don’t flatter the skin and the soft and feminine blush colors are a great alternative. Inspired by the color of the season, I put together a few blushing hues from my jewelry and fragrance collection – just for you!

sbs-pearlPearl: (Birthstone for June) A Pearl is a lustrous fragrance that adorns the wearer with an aura of inviting beauty. Inspired by those captivating organic stones that oysters and mollusks have offered humankind since time immemorial, it is both delicate and enduring. The fragrance’s full, round base note accord of meditative sandalwood and fresh musks accented with warm vanilla and fresh, green mousse de chene suggests the innocence and spiritual purity that pearls have long represented.


yhst-132866545439369_2272_12701391Circa 1930, Austrian Crystal Medallion on Rudilated Quartz Crystal Necklace on gold wire chain.

“I adore the touch of sparkle in this piece, while remaining neutral and inviting at the same time , it makes for a perfect classic go to for any evening look.”

sbs-coralCoral: (Birthstone for April) is a shimmering fragrance as captivating as its inspiration – those living vibrant underwater castles that have entranced human beings for centuries. It’s subtle coconut top note merges with joyful middle notes of orange blossom and mimosa. These rest on a sheer, enveloping base note accord of fresh musks, sandalwood and vanilla that illuminates the wearer like sunlight streaming through tropical waters.

Enjoy and be well!


“My life is my work, there is no line between the two for me.”

A Lovers Guide: Garnet Fragrance


Falling in love is easy but finding love is the hardest part. This season, the Garnet fragrance has had me falling in love all over again. With it’s deeply sensual and smoldering hue, Garnet can inspire you to feel sexy and desired!

Throughout history, Garnet has been worn to celebrate life, love, and protect those we love. This stone has adorned women for thousands of years and continues to be the stone of love. The Garnet stone is a deep red hue perfect for Valentine’s day and giving and sharing it with the one you love. The stone inspired one of my favorite fragrances for the season, with it’s deeply sensual and smoldering hue, Garnet transforms the wearer’s body heat in an enigmatic alchemy.

To help you find and fall in love this season, I have put together a few Garnet inspired products that you are sure to love this Valentine’s Day. From my lover’s fragrance, Garnet, to some seductive lingerie, you are sure to be feeling empowered and loved by these products!

sbs-garnetIn all it’s royal beauty, Garnets truly speak to our inner goddess! I adore designing with this intense stone!”

3“I love a super luxe and decadent floral bouquet. Unexpected and unique with all the rich red , burgundy and pink hues of Valentine’s Day!”

cake-2“Pomegranate and Chocolate…what more could you ask for?”

Picture 4Picture 6

Shop the entire collection here!  Want to learn more about this sacred stone: Tribute to Garnet, The Stone of Love.

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Enjoy and be well!


“My life is my work, there is no line between the two for me.”

The Raw Truth, Diamond by Sage


With a new year comes new beginnings which means new designs and fragrances from The Sage Lifestyle! Inspired by it’s everlasting beauty, I have waited for over a decade to approach this most iconic stone and translate into scent. It has arrived in 2014 – Diamond by Sage!

The Diamond throughout history has held it’s status as the most exquisite and timeless stone. Using raw Diamonds as my inspiration behind this long-awaited fragrance, I was attracted to every other shade of Diamond. Not overly sparkling, not demanding immediate attention, not perceiving wealth, but rather the understated Diamond, slightly warmer, more unique and much more intimate. In the development and discovery of Diamond, I set out to represent all of these qualities and capture the unique and subtle essence of the raw Diamond, the much more mysterious and not so well conquered relative of the brilliant Diamond we all know.

The scent, shimmering and clear, acts as its namesake to conduct both light and heat, and reflect the wearer’s true beauty. With the sheerest base notes blending together to create a fragrance that’s both soft and warm, the wearer experiences the subtle hint of Indian sandalwood, white crisp amber, clean oceanic musk and a touch of rain dew on the skin at morning – letting the light in.

diamond-roll-on-oil-2Diamond Roll-On Oil

Diamond by Sage is a fragrance which can be worn by both men and women. It is a skin scent, complementing its wearer’s chemistry and evoking a clean, yet warm effervescent experience. Hand blended using only the highest quality essential and fragrance oils, Diamond by Sage comes in a glass roll-on and is free of alcohol, water or chemicals. The candles are blended with the best quality of soy, palm, and coconut waxes that burn clean, without releasing toxic chemicals into the air. They are all natural, non-allergenic, non-toxic and eco-friendly. Packaged in cream colored, high sheen Japanese paper with a print inspired by vintage textiles, both the roll-on and candle are as stunning as the gem they are named for.

I invite you to try something new this year and experience my newest fragrance, Diamond!

Enjoy and be well!


“My life is my work, there is no line between the two for me.”

2014 Scent Journey

It’s 2014! Start the year off right with a few small and achievable changes to reinvent your lifestyle. The New Year brings a new you which can mean a new signature scent for you and your home, to start the year off right! We know how intimate it is to have a fragrance that you are loyal to but a new scent can bring about even more change in your life!
photo 4Image: Pinterest
If you are looking to set yourself apart with a scent unique to you, our Sage Lifestyle roll-on fragrances are sure to be exactly what you are looking for! I have included a few of my favorite roll-on scents to inspire you this New Year to find your perfect Sage Lifestyle signature scent. For the new year, I like trying something a little different, I always go for the musks, darker, deeper scents. This year,  I choose a a lighter palette to inspire my senses.
sagropearomooro  onyro
SAGE to freshen my mind and stimulate new ideas. PEARL for a subtle, yet intoxicating scent, and MOONSTONE to sweeten things up a bit…I must confess, I may feel the need to layer some ONYX into all of these to deepen them up when I’m missing my darker side. ONYX smells good with everything!
Looking to freshen up your home with a new scent, or maybe a few? Our Sage Lifestyle candles offer a range of scents perfect for any room in your home. Cozy up this season with a few of my favorite candle fragrances:

photo 2Image: Houzz

For the living room, ONYX, completely a must. Inviting and unforgettable, your guests will remember your signature scent!

photo 3Image: Houzz

For the bedroom , MOONSTONE or SAGE to brighten the bedroom , both offer warm florals to help you unwind and relax.

photo 1Image: Houzz
For the bathroom, TOPAZ or AMBER for a warmer bathroom in the winter months, cozy and enveloping!
As said by the  late Christian Dior once said, “A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.” Find your perfect scent today!
I invite you to choose your new signature scent and reinvent yourself at The Sage Lifestyle today!  To encourage you I am offering you a gift of 10% off any fragrance and candle purchase for 48 hours. Use promo code NEWYOU10  at check out.

Enjoy and be well!


“My life is my work, there is no line between the two for me.”

Bespoke Hand Painted Accessories

With a true passion for artists and the bohemian lifestyle, I work to create designs that not only influence my customers but also gives them a taste of true art. Growing up with a mother who was an artist, I learned a few important things from her that has made The Sage Lifestyle what it is today; never lose site of your imagination and creativity, collaborate with talented individuals and have a profitable business model! I am lucky to say that I have been able to implement all of those tips from her.

In addition to my fragrances and jewelry, my Bepoke projects , commissioned work for clients, has given me the opportunity to collaborate with artists on projects that have enhanced and inspired my clients lives. My clients, as mention in the most recent LA Times article, are “fashionistas, socialites, [people] of that nature” who gravitate to my hippie-influenced spiritual world of color, texture and well-crafted good vibes.

Bespoke Hand Painted Accessories

photo 4

“The Prada bag is one of my bespoke design services. It was a commissioned art piece which captures the clients inner goddess and creates a timeless masterpiece!”

Hand Painted leather jacket

“From the bespoke projects, which are always an adventure and truly one-of-a-kind, I have a commissioned Tiger art collaboration with Lotus in the third eye, applied to Anine Bing leather jacket, custom studded! The Tigress is here!”

photo 3

” I just adore this piece, I wanted to give a more simplistic, striking , modern feel with the heavy contrast of pinks on the crisp white background. We chose this fab biker jacket by Anine Bing as a base for the project. The end result is stunning” .

photo 2

“The tiger I needed to create for this piece had to be pure, feminine, and represent freedom and protection and would act as the clients chariot guiding her . I was beyond pleased with this masterpiece and it is one of my favorites! The PRADA bag was the perfect starting point in its clean and simplistic form.”

My most recent Bespoke projects have consisted of commissioned artwork, mourning jewelry, redesigning a bedroom and turning designer accessories, such as Prada bags and wallets, Jimmy Choo shoes, Repetto ballet flats, and Anine Bing leather jackets into wearable art. The most talked about gift this holiday season was the hand painted Hermes Birkin bag Kayne bestowed upon his fiance Kim Kardashian. I have an understanding and love of personalized, hand crafted gifts, and I have been creating these one of-a-kind works of art for my clients for years.

I have included a few of the Bespoke commissioned wearable art pieces that I have done for my clients as well as a passionate and vulnerable testimonial.

“I recently found myself feeling unbalanced, restless and generally just sort of out of tune with my surroundings, unhappy with the decor in my home and needed to be inspired. I have always liked the idea of healing gem stones and spiritual imagery but couldn’t figure out how to find inspiring items that were original and not “off the shelf”. I turned to Sage. Sage helped me in the past locate unique, well crafted and high quality vintage items, so, when Sage told me that she was going to endeavor into a new direction which would encompass what I consider spiritual items in her works, her creations and art, I was elated. Sage arranged for me a reading which identified images, healing gem stones and concepts which I was encouraged to include in my life. Sage then proceeded to design a number of one of-a-kind original beautiful personal works varying in size, scope, price, etc.
Once I made a decision Sage delivered on time, in perfect order each of the items, they were done meticulously and exquisitely. I’m so happy with Sage’s opinions, advice and work. I am now able to incorporate in my daily life jewelry, art, accessories that have meaning, that give me a sense of warmth, and spiritually.”

Each piece is a one of-a-kind design inspired and created based on the clients style and personality and each one captures the clients essence and reflects their personality, creating a truly one of a kind accessory.



Enjoy and be well!


“My life is my work, there is no line between the two for me.”