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Blushing Valentine

Blushing valentine hues echo the natural blush of romance this Valentine's. With natural ingredients and soft blossoming fragrances, The Sage Lifestyle designs offer pieces to surprise and delight your loved one this year! Image via Pinterest Estate Eternity Ring Rose Gold   "My rose gold eternity ring is just the right touch of blush and a simple, yet elegant statement." Shades of blush, whether peach-hued or pink, are the newest trend … [Read more...]

A Lovers Guide: Garnet Fragrance

Falling in love is easy but finding love is the hardest part. This season, the Garnet fragrance has had me falling in love all over again. With it’s deeply sensual and smoldering hue, Garnet can inspire you to feel sexy and desired! Throughout history, Garnet has been worn to celebrate life, love, and protect those we love. This stone has adorned women for thousands of years and continues to be the stone of love. The Garnet stone is a deep red … [Read more...]

The Raw Truth, Diamond by Sage

Anna Moltke-Huitfeldt, Jewellery in Life With a new year comes new beginnings which means new designs and fragrances from The Sage Lifestyle! Inspired by it’s everlasting beauty, I have waited for over a decade to approach this most iconic stone and translate into scent. It has arrived in 2014 – Diamond by Sage! The Diamond throughout history has held it's status as the most exquisite and timeless stone. Using raw Diamonds as my inspiration … [Read more...]

2014 Scent Journey

It’s 2014! Start the year off right with a few small and achievable changes to reinvent your lifestyle. The New Year brings a new you which can mean a new signature scent for you and your home, to start the year off right! We know how intimate it is to have a fragrance that you are loyal to but a new scent can bring about even more change in your life! Image: Pinterest If you are looking to set yourself apart with a scent unique to you, our … [Read more...]

Bespoke Hand Painted Accessories

With a true passion for artists and the bohemian lifestyle, I work to create designs that not only influence my customers but also gives them a taste of true art. Growing up with a mother who was an artist, I learned a few important things from her that has made The Sage Lifestyle what it is today; never lose site of your imagination and creativity, collaborate with talented individuals and have a profitable business model! I am lucky to say that … [Read more...]