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The Art of Mourning

How we mourn the ones we've loved is different for each of us. It is a journey in celebrating the life, passions and loves of the person closes to you. This journey in many cases over history has been through art. Many create statues, paintings and many times jewelry. Mourning jewelry, historically has been a souvenir to remembering a loved one from life to death and was worn as a status symbol in the Victorian era. Many of the pieces made and … [Read more...]

The Sage Lifestyle Celebrates 20 Years!

From its fruition, 20 years ago this month, I have worked hard to keep The Sage Lifestyle brand what is was from it’s creation, a boutique environment designed to offer one of a kind designs and lifestyle essentials with impeccable service and where the customer always comes first! Throughout my career there are several markers that help me navigate throughout my wonderful memories and beautiful journeys and discoveries. I find that some of … [Read more...]

His, Hers & Ours: Scents by Sage

Photo: Peggy Sirota via GQ When creating and discovering my scents, I envision the emotion that the scent will evoke in the wearer. If it is deep passion, relaxation, calmness, it brings the wearer a feeling that is evoked by the scent. When we think about emotions being evoked by our senses, many times we think touch, sight or sound. However, scent is the most powerful sense when stimulating the brain about a past memory, sexual attraction … [Read more...]

Behind Closed Doors with Sage Machado

Today, I will take you behind closed doors and offer a welcome visit into a day in the  life with me. With a new fragrance and jewelry collection coming soon this fall, I have been working hard to get my new inspirations and bespoken custom projects complete for all of you, my friends and fans. Today’s post is a snapshot of my creative home and mind, are you ready? “My home and studio consist of a 20 year collection of art and antiques from … [Read more...]