Archives for August 2013

Tribute to Turquoise

Guiding us through the last days of summer is the enchanting and mysterious stone: Turquoise. The Turquoise stone is one of the most ancient gemstones known to man. With strong ties to the Egyptian and Aztec cultures, this gemstone made it’s way overseas to the US through Turkish trade. Turquoise has continued to be a vibrant stone in fashion, culture and healing. Turquoise continues to be uniquely divine in it’s power and is known as a master … [Read more...]

Captivated by Indigo

Color is my daily inspiration, my obsession and my main influence as a designer. I am currently swooning over the blue hue! Indigo, Azure, Cobalt and Lapis have all been influential colors in my work, life and style. I have been captivated by this color of the moment and I see it as the pulsing trend to watch this season! The wide spectrum of the blue hue has embodied fashion and design everywhere. Enamel Owl Turquoise and Fuchsia Jade … [Read more...]

Purely Innocent: Pearl Fragrance

The discovery and development process for each of my scents can be one of the most emotional journeys for me as a designer. With each of my scents there is a very in depth process that requires a deep look into each gemstone and what type of women embodies that stone. I find inspiration in the color and essence of the stone and look for flowers and essences from the region where the gemstone is naturally found. With this deeper understanding of … [Read more...]

The Sage Lifestyle Fragrance Guide

Guiding you to your perfect scent is the goal of The Sage Lifestyle. I choose to call myself a lifestyle brand because my intention is to enhance every part of you and your life. Specifically with scent creation, I try to help my customers understand what they like, who they are and what works with their own personal chemistry. The challenge is trying to figure out what you like. I have designed this post today to help navigate you through The … [Read more...]