Indulge in Sage Oil

Sage oil! "Just luverly! Breezy green, herby sage and fresh cucumber to start with and after a while a lovely sweetness comes through with the Sweet Pea. It smells like freshly cut slightly sweetened flower stems. Later the musk and tonka bean round it out in a most yummy way. It seems to combine really well with Amethyst too, I haven’t actually mixed them, but I wear Amethyst on one hand and Sage on the other and the scent which wafts up to my … [Read more...]

Onyx – Bewitching Coconut Fragrance

  "Wowza. Talk about a sexy coconut fragrance...mysterious. This is beyond gorgeous. Onyx is dark and rich. The coconut and tobacco blend so well together. My skin adores Onyx. I find the lasting power of Sage Machado oils to be outstanding. It wears close to the skin, yet every time I move my head, or brush my hair I get soft little clouds of scent that surround me and those close to me always seem to compliment. I love how my sweaters … [Read more...]

Turquoise… Oceanic beauty, the perfect marine fragrance

"I don’t normally favour marine fragrances, but Turquoise is different. A little strong at first with the grapefruit and blackcurrant creating a fresh seabreeze, and these notes hold on for a bit. But soon, the white flowers appear with the Blue Chamomile and it becomes an almost ethereal potion with the sandalwood and musk slowly bringing out the warmth, like sunlight shimmering across the water and touching on lotus blossoms, with a hint of … [Read more...]

Indulgent Hostess gifts for your Memorial Day Host

Whether you're spending your weekend on the beach or at a backyard barbeque, make sure and treat your hostess with thoughtful hostess gifts. I find that one of my signature Sage candles makes the perfect gift to help lighten up the party! She will be sure to invite you back! Have a beautiful and relaxing Memorial Day Weekend with your friends and family. I will be spending the weekend on the beach with my kiddos enjoying the sand, the sea and the … [Read more...]

In Love with Diamond Perfume Oil – a Sheer Scent from Heaven

This week marks the beginning of a new series featuring each one of my gemstone perfumes being introduced in a lifestyle setting. The series will begin with Diamond, my newest fragrance - Diamond Perfume Oil - a Sheer Scent: get a peek into the life of the woman who wears Diamond! The Diamond throughout history has held it’s status as the most exquisite and timeless stone. Using raw Diamonds as my inspiration behind this long-awaited … [Read more...]

Sage’s Blends Collection – Blend perfume oils

      Sage and Citrine - A vibrant and delightful fragrance, it embraces you with sunny and sparkling citrus and crisp green florals. Grapefruit, Bergamot, Cassis and Oceanic musk blended with fresh Cucumber, White Sage and delicate Sweet Pea floral.         Jade and Topaz - An ode to the classic Oriental with an exotic twist. A magical fragrance with Tuberose and Egyptian Jasmine … [Read more...]

Sage’s Favorite Spring Scents

    A fragrance that is as darkly opulent as the stone for which it was named, onyx begins with a bewitching top note accord of black coconut, tobacco and oakmoss. Its rich and enveloping base note accord of vanilla, amber and sheer musk caresses the skin like sweet dew born of nocturnal, tropical air. A perfume of almost primeval intensity, Onyx evokes nature's beauty in its darkest forms; a jungle's depths, volcanic heat and … [Read more...]

Spring 2015 Trend Spotlight: Kimono Prints

Trend Spotlight: Kimono Prints - Japanese fabrics and prints have become one of season Spring 2015 key trends, with obis cinching waists from New York to Paris. At Alexander McQueen, Sarah Burton married the delicacy of geishas with samurai strength. Sumptuous traditional Japanese fabrics turned up at Margiela, too, in both dresses and the wide sashes worn over them. Alexander Wang’s spin was a suitably sporty one, with perforated neoprene belts … [Read more...]

Spring 2015 Trend Spotlight: Folk Tales

One of the most fascinating and interesting trends of new season Spring 2015 is the folk fashion trend. Mix traditional motifs and embroideries with modern silhouettes, and you'll have yourself a folk fairytale. Taking inspiration from folklore and folk art is all in the detail. Starting with Frida Kahlo as one of their jumping-off points, Alice + Olivia used exotic flora and fauna they depicted via print, embroideries and appliqués in … [Read more...]

Garnet, the perfume of Love, the darker side of Gardenia

In celebration of Valentine's day I would like to introduce this festive stone that throughout history has been worn to celebrate life, love, and protect those we love. This stone has adorned women for thousands of years: Garnet. Garnet, The Stone of Love is a deep red hue perfect for Valentine's day. This stone inspired one of my favorite fragrances. My Garnet fragrance is as deeply sensual as the smoldering red hue of the stone for which it … [Read more...]